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Staying cool during a summer pregnancy

When you first find out you’re going to have a summer pregnancy you imagine cute bikini’s and how cute you’re going to look in your maternity clothes. But what you don’t think about is how you’re going to try and stay cool during those hot summer months.

Trying to keep cool during a summer pregnancy can be tough! Whether you’re in the first trimester or the third you will find the hotter it gets the more uncomfortable you are.

Pregnancy is truly amazing but when you add in the summer heat (and the fact that you have all sorts of crazy hormones running through your body), it’s hard to keep cool.

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I spent my first pregnancy SUPER pregnant during the summer months (my sweet September baby), and my second baby is due at the end of the year. So I know what it’s like to waddle around on swollen feet while it’s 95 degrees outside.

These are the tried and true things you must have to stay cool during a summer pregnancy, besides drinking a whole lot of water (which also helps to keep you cool).

Staying cool during a summer pregnancy

Summers are hot and being pregnant makes it even hotter. Here's how to keep cool so you can survive your summer pregnancy. #summerpregnancy #stayingcool #babyontheway #pregnancy

Cool sleep pillow

We all know that getting sleep while pregnant is difficult already but when it’s hot it can be even harder. We’re talking up all night sweating bullets!

My house doesn’t have central air. We do have ceiling fans in most of the bedrooms (but we all know how well those cool things off) so I know how hard it is to get some sleep in the middle of summer, while pregnant.

The only way I survived was with this pillow. You can only strip down so far and throw off so many blankets before you run out of ways to cool off. Don’t give up your pillow for the sake of cooling off.

I only got one but I wish I would have gotten 2. One for my head and one for in between my knees.

Plus this pillow is great for when you aren’t pregnant too.

Compression socks

Talk to any mom and they can tell you horror stories of their swollen feet. So when you add the hot summer heat you will look like a hobbit in no time.

Plus when your feet get so swollen they get HOT! And it is not comfortable! You’ll be wanting to put your feet in buckets of ice water (which I have done btw, and it’s not as great as it sounds).

So to keep your feet cool during your summer pregnancy you’re going to want to invest in some compression socks.

They’ll keep the blood flowing so your feet don’t get as swollen and hot. Trust me, as counterproductive as adding that extra layer on your feet it helps a lot to keep you cool during the summer months.


Summers are hot and being pregnant makes it even hotter. Here's how to keep cool so you can survive your summer pregnancy. #summerpregnancy #stayingcool #babyontheway #pregnancy

Ah, the pool! It’s a great way to cool off even if you aren’t pregnant. But because you are carrying a human in your belly this summer the pool is definitely a must-have!

When you have that little internal furnace getting in the water feels marvelous. Plus it gives you a reason to go get a cute new swimsuit.

Finding a pool doesn’t have to be difficult. If your neighborhood doesn’t have one (or you just don’t want to deal with people) go get a backyard pool, even if it’s just a kiddie one. Any kind of pool is great!

So get yourself a drink, put on your bathing suit and go get in the pool. You will feel so much better!

Breathable Maternity undies

 If you take away anything from this please, please get breathable undies!

You probably think I am being a little overdramatic but I am not! Take it from someone who didn’t have breathable undies the first time around.

With all the sweat and other stuff leaking from your hoo-ha it’s going to get nasty quick! You are going to want something that can breathe and dry things off instead of trapping everything in (only making you even hotter!).

Do yourself a favor and get undies that will keep you cool and dry. And just like maternity jeans, you can find some that are below the belly or above.

When you know what style you like make sure you look for cotton as the material. I found that if the material has a lot of spandex in it it’s not going to be very breathable. Which will not keep you cool. I really like these ones but find ones that you’re comfortable with.

Misting fan

This is great when you are out and about in the heat. From parades to beach days a misting fan is something that you will use while you’re pregnant and after the baby gets here.

I didn’t have a misting fan until after I had my little boy. But it’s been a lifesaver for my pregnant self this time around.

I like to keep one of these in my car and one in my diaper bag. That way I don’t ever have to worry about forgetting it at home when I realize I need it (which is usually after I leave the house). Plus it’s really nice that it has a carabiner so you don’t have to worry about leaving it at the park.

You can find them anywhere and for pretty cheap (like this one). So grab a few, you won’t regret it!


These might seem super obvious because summer is all about popsicles but they are still worth mentioning.

I don’t know how many times I would wake up in the middle night hotter than hell and an otter pop helped cool me down.

If you are worried about your sugar intake you can always make your own. If you don’t already have a popsicle mold you can find them super cheap at the grocery store. We got ours at the dollar store and it works great.

The nice thing about making your own popsicles is you know exactly what’s in them and there aren’t any chemicals that you don’t know about. Plus its fun to find different recipes.

Keeping cool

When it’s so hot outside that you feel like you’re melting, use one (or all) of these tips to cool off and make it through the rest of the summer. Because your summer pregnancy doesn’t have to be miserable.

Let me know in the comments what you found out as a must to keep cool during your summer pregnancy.

Summers are hot and being pregnant makes it even hotter. Here's how to keep cool so you can survive your summer pregnancy. #summerpregnancy #stayingcool #babyontheway #pregnancy




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