About That Moxie Mom

That Moxie Mom was created in November 2018 to help people have a little more moxie in their everyday lives.

Whether you are a parent looking for new ways to tackle your kiddo struggles or you need some ideas on how to become a better YOU…we are here to help!

About The Editor

Hi, my name is Loretta and I took over That Moxie Mom in March 2021 from Ashley.

Over the years, That Moxie Mom has grown into a great little site housing a range of topics for the moxie mom’s – and dad’s – that we are, and I want to thank Ashley for all of her hard work to date.

So who am I?

A writer, web developer and of course a mom to two beautiful girls; one pre-teen and one just dipping her feet into her twenties…yes I do feel old 😉

I have a BSC degree in Information Technology and wrote my first (and only) fiction novel at the age of eighteen. I do love writing but I also enjoy creating websites; a passion I was hoping to pass on to my eldest but alas, my attempts have been shot down in flames…followed by the utter disgust that one could have similar career aspirations as one’s mother!

So, for now, you just have me but I plan to bring all sorts of different and interesting topics to That Moxie Mom that will hopefully help you in some way…or at the very least bring a little break (and smile) to your busy days.

All the best,
Loretta – aka the new…

That Moxie Mom