Why you shouldn' t have another new years resolution

It’s that time of year again where you are ready to make this year your bitch! But don’t you say that every year and how did that work out for you last year? Well you are in the right place to change all of that!

I am doing a 7 day series to give you the tools to start the year off right and make it your year.

Day 1: Why you shouldn’t have another New Years resolution.

Day 2: How a planner will improve your year

Day 3: A procrastinators guide to getting sh*! done

Day 4: 7 ways to give your mental health a boost

Day 5: The ultimate morning routine to boost your confidence

Day 6: Why your clutter is holding you back

Day 7: 4 ways to achieve financial success this year

So for day 1 I want to tell you why you shouldn’t have a New Years resolution and why it’s holding you back.

Why you shouldn' t have another new years resolution

Why you need a New Years Bucket List

New years resolutions are a great idea. Well in theory. 80% of people drop their new years resolution before February which most people know and yet we still keep making them!

A bucket list is things you want to do through out the year. It could be lose 10 lbs by the end of the year or it could be to learn Spanish, it should be something you want to do or accomplish. 

You put things on your list that you have thought, “I want to do that someday.” Make that someday be today.

Last year I put pay off our credit cards and go camping, among other things, on my 2018 bucket list. Obviously I wasn’t able to start some of those things (like camping) until later in the year. You can put things on your list that you can start later in the year. 

You should also put things on your bucket list that will make you a better person. Like eating healthy or maybe calling your mom once a week. Something that will improve you.

Now you don’t want to spend all this time making your bucket list only to loose it the next month. Put it somewhere you can see it. I put mine on the refrigerator but anywhere you see it everyday will work great.

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And having your bucket list in sight everyday will remind you that you need to get things crossed off! 

The nice thing about having a bucket list and not a resolution is you can have more than one thing on your list and not feel stressed about it.

The Good Things About A New Year Bucket List

I believe that one of the big reasons about having a new years resolution is that it can feel so overwhelming that we drop it.

Think about how many times you made your new years resolution to lose weight. And how busy was the gym? It’s so freaking busy! If you want to lose weight in the next year you can start in February (when everyone has dropped their new year’s resolutions) when the gym isn’t so crazy.

Or if you are trying a new thing and you fail at it (a common occurrence for me) you can always take a break and try again later in the year. Like if you don’t get into a class that you want to take. It’s still on your list so you can work toward it later in the year.

See? A new years bucket list is so much better!

The Bad Thing About A New Years Bucket List

Okay so, it isn’t a perfect system. The bad thing about having a bucket list is having people see it throughout the year. People are going to ask you how it’s going and when are you going to do that. So it’s going to make you accountable, even in July when everyone else has dropped their new year’s resolutions.

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How would it feel when your friend or your mom or someone important sees that you want to pay off your car and you haven’t started? It’s going to re-motivate you to get on it! So having a New Years bucket list is going to make you actually have to do something.

How to start one

This is the easy part so I’ll keep it brief. List things you want to finally do this year. I would recommend writing at least 10 things down so you can do something about once a month. But if you don’t want 10 then do however many you want, it’s your list. Also don’t put so much on there that you look at it and say “Yeah that’s not happening.” That defeats the purpose!

Write it on something you can hang up, whether it’s on a poster board or a piece of paper. Don’t write it in the notebook and then close said notebook, never to be seen again. But if you do write it in a notebook, TEAR THAT SUCKER OUT! (sorry I didn’t mean to yell, I just got a little carried away) And put it on display so you can see it every day.

You now have a New Years bucket list. The funniest (and easiest) part of the year. Now go and make this your year!

Ready for more?

I know writing a new years bucket list can be easy but you aren’t going to have the best year yet if you only do this one thing. So stick around for the rest the week because when you put it all together then you’ll have the best year yet! See for day 2!

Why you shouldn' t have another new years resolution


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