5 secrets to get rid of pet hair

5 Secrets to Get Rid of Pet Hair

Trying to get rid of pet hair before you have guests come over can be a pretty mind-boggling thing. This used to be me.

I have 3 dogs. But because I have three dogs that means I have to know how to handle the hair that falls off of them.

I have spent hours trying to get all of the hair that seems to have embedded its self into my furniture only to realize it’s not going anywhere. 

So I have found ways to make cleaning it up easier. So I focus more on getting myself ready for when my guests arrive and not my house. 

With 3 dogs I would say that I have tried it all and these are the 5 secrets that have saved my life (and my sanity).

5 secrets to get rid of pet hair

5 secrets to get rid of pet hair – that you haven’t thought of before

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Reusable lint rollers are a must

There are so many times that I’ll pull the clothes out of the dryer only to just realize that a dryer sheet wasn’t in that load of laundry. 

Now the clothes are static-y and COVERED in pet hair and we have people coming over in just a few minutes. This is where reusable lint rollers are a must.

We have tried the disposable lint roller and we didn’t like those as much. They don’t last very long because we would go through 2-3 papers before we could be rid of the hair on one shirt (which means they aren’t that great for the environment or our pocketbook). 

So we switched! And this one is our favorite, it has one that is a typical size and 2 travel size rollers that fit in my purse and in the glove box of the car (so we can use it on the go when I realized I missed a spot).

They are so nice to have, all you have to do is roll it over your shirt, or pants or whatever, and it will pick up the hair. Then you just wash off it off in the sink (we always catch the hair so it doesn’t go down the drain) and it’s sticky again, like magic!

And since we have a Border Collie and two German Shorthairs and their hair builds up! We can either be covered in little white hair or long stringy black hair (or both). So these are a must!

Sprinkles aren’t just for cupcakes

5 secrets to get rid of pet hair

Getting pet hair out the carpet is the hardest! It used to be the bane of my existence.

One time I even put a blanket down on the floor for game night because I couldn’t get the hairs out of the carpet (I was so embarrassed!).

After much trial and error, we now use Arm & Hammer Pet Fresh Carpet Odor Eliminator Plus Oxi Clean Dirt Fighters (try saying that five times fast). I sprinkle it on the carpet, leave it for 5-15 minutes, and vacuum it up.

It picks up dog hair and makes my carpet smell great again so no one knows that the dog slept in the same spot for 5 hours.

I use this for the car too, like when my little guy leaves his milk in the car and it makes the whole car stink. I just do the same thing, sprinkle it on the upholstery, and WHALA its smells great again. 

So you need this stuff even if you don’t have pets!

The Dryer – The key to hairless blankets

Our dogs are snugglers. And we love it!

5 secrets to get rid of pet hair

But when we have people come and stay, I really don’t want them to know that our dogs have been snuggling with us in the blanket I just let them use.

So before I wash my the blankets I will throw them in the dryer with 2 dryer sheets before I wash them, just on the quick 10 minutes cycle. 

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When they are done they are practically hairless so now I know they are finished washing and drying they will be hairless. And my guests will be none the wiser!

And just between you and me, you can do this with your clothes too. Like if they are on the floor covered in dog and you don’t have time to wash it, this trick gets the hair off while refreshing your clothes. With no one the wiser. (I might have done this once or twice, shh).

Static guard and vacuums – a match made in heaven

5 secrets to get rid of pet hair

We let our dogs sit on the couch. They just look so cute and all-comfy-cozy plus it’s great to have them sit next to us on the couch.

Well… It’s great until we have guests over. When they sit on the couch and get back up with hair all on their backside.

I have tried to just vacuum my couch but it only gets half of the hair off and I’m left (again) with my guests leaving with my dogs’ hair on their clothes.

The sprinkle stuff works great on the cushions but not so great on the back cushions (them being horizontal and such). The best thing I have found to for getting all of the hair off is Static Guard.

I will spray it all over the couch let it dry (like a minute or two) and then vacuum. It reduces the static cling that causes the hair to stick to the couch and all those pesky little hairs vacuum up like a charm.

My guests no longer leave with a back sweater of my dogs’ fur.

Sheets are for the couch too

After I spent all that time to get the pet hair off my couch I don’t want to have to redo it the next day when we have an unexpected visitor knock on our door (unfortunately this does happen).

5 secrets to get rid of pet hair

The solution I found to keep the couch clean is to drape a blanket or bed sheet over the couch. The dogs can sit on the couch and nap to their heart’s content then when someone stops by (unexpected) all I have to do is take it off and throw it into the washer.

We have a big sectional and need about 2 queen sized sheets to cover it. Now when our guests sit on our couch I don’t have to worry about them taking dog hair home with them on their pants.

5 secrets to get rid of pet hair

I hope these hacks help you save time so you can get back to focusing on better things than dog hair. Let me know how they worked for you or if there is something else that you have found that works as well, list them in the comments below!


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