9 odd things you should be putting on your baby registry

9 Odd Things You Should be Putting on Your Baby Registry

Deciding what to put on your baby registry can be stressful. Everyone is always giving you advice.

“You’ll need this.” “No, you won’t.” “My baby hated that, don’t get it.” “Get it because my baby loved it.” (All about the same thing.)

And with all the advice you still have no idea what you’re going to need!

There are the obvious things that are needed for a baby (crib, car seat, diapers, blankets) and then the not so obvious stuff.

With so many things out there to put on your baby registry, it’s hard to know what you will actually use and what you can pass on. 

It wasn’t until after I had my baby that I realized what I really should have put on my baby registry.

Here is my list of odd things you should be putting on your baby registry.9 odd things you should be adding to your baby registry

Noise Machine Night Light

I love having something that can be a two-fer but it’s even better when it’s a three-fer. And this noise machine night light is just that!

We were having a hard time getting our little guy to sleep when we started to have him sleep in his own crib. It felt like we tried everything! Then I decided to get this noise machine.

It was amazing! The white noise helped my little guy fall asleep and the night light helped me when I needed to feed him. So I didn’t need to turn the hall light on to see anymore and it’s dim enough that it didn’t keep him awake.

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But the most amazing feature is you can control it from your phone! That way you don’t have to go into their room to adjust the volume or to turn it on or off. You just stand outside their room and adjust it (you don’t have to be directly outside their room, I’m just that mom who sits outside his door until he falls asleep. It’s not weird).

My baby is one and we still use this! We no longer use the white noise part but we turn the night light on for him every night. And we are excited to use it when we transition him into a toddler bed to let him know when he can wake up (because that feature is really cool too!). 

Add the Jack and Rose Night Light to your registry (or just get one yourself so you don’t have to wait for your baby shower!). 

Nose Hero

I thought this thing was so silly the first I saw it. I remember thinking I don’t need this I’ll just use my booger sucker.

Well about a month into being a mom I realized that I was gravely mistaken and I did indeed need the Nose Hero.

A booger sucker is great when your kid has a runny nose and the boogers are… soft… (sorry for the nasty description but there is no other way to describe it) but when they are hard little green boogers the booger sucker will not work!

I even tried to spray that nasal saline solution in his nose so I could suck it out or he could at least sneeze it out but I always felt like I was drowning him. And I’m pretty sure he thought I was too.

The nice thing about this little piece of plastic is I can scoop out that crusty booger and not have to worry about him moving and I end up scooping is brains out (are you sick of talking about boogers yet?). The little bears on the end prevent you for going too far.

Definitely put this on your registry.

Mamibaby Infant Lounger

A lounger is great whether you plan to breastfeed or not! And I know you are probably thinking yes I know! It’s already on my registry! But I bet you didn’t know there were different styles!

At my baby shower, I obviously got a Boppy (I’m pretty sure it’s a staple for baby showers now). And I loved it! Well mostly.

It was great for breastfeeding and my little guy used it when he was learning to sit but it wasn’t so great when he was a newborn. He would slide down and it would kink his neck and I would panic (like any mother would do). I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only person who had this issue because boppy came out with the baby lounger.

The baby lounger fixes the problem of the sliding baby. It has a divet in the middle so your baby’s bum sits right in and there is no worry that they will slip out or get their neck kinked. And the nice thing about this is they can use it when they get bigger too. My one-year-old likes to sit in the middle when he looks at books.

Ear Thermometer

This has been a lifesaver when my baby gets sick, which isn’t that often but when it does happen it’s not fun!

You should take babies temperature under their arm until about 6 months, but after the 6 months mark, you need an ear thermometer. They are fast and are easier to use instead of the trying to hold your baby’s arm down to try and get their temperature.

This is the one we use and it has a digital so it’s easy to read. My little guy actually likes it when I check his ears if I need to. Which was a different story when I tried to take his temperature the other way.

This one even has disposable ear filters so that you don’t have to worry about spreading germs.

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Diaper Bag Backpack

I didn’t have one of these until I had a toddler and man I wish I would have had one sooner!

I was given a messenger bag style diaper bag at my baby shower and I loved it! But it made it a kind of difficult when I was out and about without my husband. When you bend over to pick up your kid (or something they dropped) the bag will fall off your shoulder. And you have to use one of your hands to hold it in place. It gets old pretty fast.

Having a diaper bag backpack makes it easier when you need both hands, and this one actually has more room in it then the diaper bag I was using before. It’s nice that I can hook the handles on the handles of my stroller.

Don’t forget to add this backpack diaper bag to your baby registry.

Seat Protector for the Car

Everyone knows that crumbs will multiply under a car seat so you definitely need a seat protector (especially if you have leather seats).

It also helps protect your seats from getting that sour milk smell when they spill their milk ALL over the seat. 

And you better definitely have one when your baby starts walking and they are still rear facing. They get the back of the seat all gross and then you have no idea how to get that gunk out of the middle of the backrest.

This seat protector is made specifically for car seats and it has great reviews. Be sure and check it out!

Baby Toothbrush/Teether

If you haven’t had a baby before you don’t really understand how awful teething is. I know some babies handle it great but the majority of babies (and mommas) have a hard time with teething. This cute cactus teether helps soothe your baby’s sore gums.

I am all for products that have dual use! So I got my little man a toothbrush that also is a teether. That way when his first little teeth popped up we could keep them clean without too much effort (because trying to brush a baby’s teeth is freaking hard!). 

This is the one we got because we thought it was so cute but you can check out different ones here too!

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Car Mirror

I feel like this is another obvious one but for some people (okay maybe just me) it wasn’t so obvious until the baby actually got here. 

A car seat mirror will give you a sense of relief when you are driving and can’t see your baby. I don’t know how many times I pulled over to make sure his head wasn’t kinked and he was still breathing. 

So when he got older and started to eat snacks in the car I had to go buy one. Because I would panic and pull over on Mainstreet to check on him because I knew he was eating something and he no longer was babbling to himself. Yeah, I panicked…

Save yourself some worry (we both know you will already have enough of that) and get a car mirror!

Bath Toy Organizer

We got so many bath things when we had our baby shower. It wasn’t just bath toys either. So when our little guy got here we didn’t know where to put all of his stuff. 

We started out with putting his stuff in a basket under the sink. But every time I put him in the bath (which seemed like every day thanks to his blowouts) I would forget to grab it and have to take him out of the tub, then put him back in (because I obviously didn’t feel comfortable leaving him unsupervised in the water).

So we got a bath toy organizer, a pouch that suction cups to the wall. When we first got it we put his shampoo, washcloths, a little cup to pour water on him, and everything else we needed to give him a bath. Now it holds all of his bath toys and shampoo. 

This is another thing that you can use for when your child is an infant and a toddler.

Add this to your baby registry. 

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What are some things that you put on your baby registry or wish you would have? Let me know in the comments below!

9 odd things you should be adding to your baby registry


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