4 stress-free ways to increase your holiday budget

Oh, the holidays. I know I’m with most people when I say that it isn’t good for my pocketbook. Let alone for it to be easy to increase your holiday budget.

In the past, we have had to take money out of savings during the holiday season because we would go over our budget trying to find the perfect gift. Which meant we weren’t saving money.

Once I became a SAHM it was even harder. It felt like I had to choose between financial stability or presents under the tree. Which would throw me into one of my anxiety attacks. And I know I’m not the only one (or at least that’s what I tell myself).

The holidays are stressful and we need a stress free way to save money because we all know that we would rather be stressing about finding the perfect gift not stressing about if we can afford Christmas.

4 stress-free ways to increase your holiday budget

These are the 4 stress-free ways to increase your holiday budget (so you can splurge and feel like a superhero):


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I love Ibotta! It’s free money! I don’t know why everyone isn’t on this!

It’s a program where you find offers on the stuff you already are going to buy while you’re shopping. It’s free to join so you don’t have to worry about dipping into your holiday fund to get the benefits. And the great thing about it is you can use it when you’re holiday shopping or everyday grocery shopping.

After you have signed up and selected the most common stores you shop at, you can search through the offers to find the ones that will work for you and your family. The offers I love most are the ones that say any brand. That way I know I can get the exact brands that my family loves and still save money.

Now you go shopping!

4 stress-free ways to increase your holiday budget

And once that’s all done you take a picture of your receipt and upload it to Ibotta.

You can do this online or through their app (let’s be honest you will probably only upload it on the app. Don’t worry I won’t tell). Ibotta will locate the products on your receipt and you get the reward! Easy-peasy and stress-free!

If your grocery store is like mine then all you need to do is type in your rewards number for the store and it will automatically upload your receipt for you! Which is even better!

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You can even link it to your Facebook so you can see some of the deals your friends got. Now you’ll be able to know how they got all of those amazing deal they’re always bragging about!

If you’re ready to save money on the things you’re already are buying sign up here!

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is the best survey program I have ever signed up for. I used to try to take surveys before I was a SAHM so I could have some extra spending money. Now that I am home I love to use it to boost my holiday budget.

I remember when I would sign up for a survey program that said the surveys would be 1-2 minutes long only to find out they were really 15 minutes. Then I would finish and they would say that I wasn’t eligible. What?!

With Survey Junkie the times they give you are very realistic. No more checking the clock to see how much time has actually pasted for those “1-2” surveys.

Every point is equal to one cent and most surveys are 40-150 points, depending on the survey. Once you get 1000 points (which equals $10) you can cash out. You either can either get E-Giftcards, cash out to your PayPal, or have it transferred into your bank account.

When you sign up you’ll complete a few questions so they can get surveys that are applicable to you, it took me about 7 minutes. Once that was completed I already had 117 points. And I that was all before I took any surveys. So they give you a head start when you sign up!

So if you’re curious about how you can boost your holiday budget with Survey Junkie take a look here.

Double-check your budget

4 stress-free ways to increase your holiday budget

Just like the big guy in red make a list and check it twice.

When we do our budget for the month we will see where we can save and where we need to splurge. Some months our grocery fun is higher and some months we have more money for gas. It just depends on the month.

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During the holidays since we know that we have family parties to go to, we cut down on our grocery bill. It doesn’t have to be cutting your grocery budget just pull things out of the budget that maybe you can skip on that month. For example, maybe don’t get your nails done that month or maybe skip Starbucks for the month. Find something that you can live without for a month so you can add to your Christmas shopping.

All of the extra that we have taken out of the budget can then go into holiday shopping.

You’ll have more to spend for Christmas without making a cent more.

Don’t overspend

When the holidays come around I try and justify the fact that I bought all of these things that we don’t need (or particularly want) just because it’s on sale. Then 6 months after Christmas I find that it has only been used once and is just taking up space.

Have a plan when you go holiday shopping. I try to do all of my shopping when there’s not a lot of people at the store. Which usually means late evenings or early mornings.

For some reason, I get all frazzled when there’s a lot of people at the store. I feel like I have to buy that thing the lady next to me did. Because if she needs it then I most definitely do (which 99% I don’t really need it).

So when you do decide that it’s time to go holiday shopping make sure you have a plan. If you go to the store with a purpose then you are less likely to deviate from your plan (and from your budget).

Find something that works for you. If you go with only cash so you don’t overspend or if you bring someone along to keep you accountable (obviously someone who you aren’t shopping for). Just do what you need to not overspend.

4 stress-free ways to increase your holiday budget

Christmas is already a stressful time of the year but increasing your holiday budget doesn’t have to be. I am always looking for more ways to save and increase my holiday budget, so let me know in the comments what work you for you and what doesn’t.

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