It's okay to a hot mess mom

To the mom who feels like she a hot mess and can’t do it all. Who is always running around frantic not knowing what day of the week it is. I see you. I am you. A hot mess mom.

Trying to a balance all of the things that come with motherhood is hard. And it’s okay not to enjoy every minute of it

Trying to a balance all of the things that come with motherhood is hard. And it's okay not to enjoy every minute of it. It's okay to be the hot mess mom.

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It’s okay that you only wear yoga pants and it’s okay that you don’t actually use them for yoga. You are comfortable and that’s all that matters.

It’s okay that no matter how hard you try you are always late. Always running 5 minutes behind even when you get ready 10 minutes early. You will be teaching your kids how to make that dramatic entrance.

It’s okay that you don’t love to share everything with your kids. I see you hiding in the bathroom so you don’t have to share that chocolate. You had a long day, you deserve it

It’s okay that your house is actually messy. Not the kind of messy that means there are only a few things out of place. The kind of messy that means you celebrate valentines day with your Christmas decorations still up. Your kids will have the spirit of Christmas for longer than just December. 

It’s okay to forget to sign the permission slip and drop it off at your kids’ school in your pajamas. They will still get to go on that field trip. 

It’s okay that your hair is always a mess and your kids’ faces are always dirty. It just means you are spending quality time with your kids.

It’s okay that you don’t go to bed at a decent hour because your stay up late to get some time to yourself. Finally, no one is calling for mom every 5 minutes. 

It’s okay that your kids have new clothes and you are still wearing that shirt from 5 years ago. That shirt still looks great on you!

It’s okay that you don’t spend your time getting your eyelashes done. You’ll have more time to spend with your kids. Like going to the park. Look at you getting some sunshine. 

It’s okay that you let your kids watch tv so you can get a quick break. You need a break from those screaming monsters. 

It’s okay that you can’t remember the last time you actually wore pants. Your butt looks good in those yoga pants

It’s okay that your family eats dinner sitting on the couch because you just don’t have the energy to clear the table. Your kids think its cool to eat in the living room. 

It’s okay that you can’t seem to find the balance between mom life and work life. That shit is hard and you are doing a better job than you think

It’s okay that you’re a SAHM who doesn’t even have the dishes done. Or the laundry. Or really anything else. You have happy children and that’s all that matter

It’s okay that you have worn the same shirt two days in a row. It’s not really that dirty and no one from yesterday is going to see you today anyway. 

It’s okay that you don’t like to have people over because the idea of cleaning your house makes you overwhelmed. Now you don’t have to worry about cleaning after, so who’s the real winner?  

It’s okay that you made PB&J sandwiches for dinner. It just means fewer dishes to clean up. 

It’s okay that your idea of a green smoothie is a grasshopper milkshake from dairy queen. We all know they taste better. 

It’s okay that you lost your cool at your kids who were being turds. You are just preparing them for the real world. 

It’s okay that you are living off dry shampoo and deodorant. You are conserving water and helping the environment

It’s okay to like to be the hot mess mom. And it’s okay to be proud of that

It's okay to be a hot mess mom


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